Tanzfolge by Conny Campagne
Conny Campagne composed this "Tanzfolge" for a guitarist fried of hers. The collection contains six short pieces. They are suitable for advances guitar players.
"I was asked to compose a solo piece for guitar by a guitarist friend of mine, himself a virtuoso on the instrument. Being a recorder player and having no guitar experience at all, this presented me with a real challenge. I had in fact once composed a work for violin and guitar at the request of a concert duo, but the communication with the guitar in this composition was influenced by other requirements. I was able to use this opportunity to develop an emotional and spiritual relationship with the instrument, but didn’t have enough knowledge of guitar playing technique to be able to compose a solo piece. It is therefore with great pleasure that – aided by professional musicians – I did succeed in writing this “Tanzfolge” solo composition for guitar. I am very grateful for the help and numerous tips I was given. It also makes me tremendously happy to witness this small collection appear in PAN Verlag’s Contempore series, twenty years after being composed – and that at my age!" - Conny Campagne
Circus Circus! by Reto Parolari
Why did nobody think earlier about it? When circus music is distinguished by rousing rhythms and catchy melodies, it should be possible to ensure that the repertoire could be expanded by two to four recorders, Orff instruments and Piano / Guitar ad lib. With Reto Parolaris arrangements it succeeds.
Product of the week
André Herteux (*1981)
for mandolin and guitar
PAN Grenzland Edition
Pan KM 2151 score
Pice 12,80 €

level of difficulty: moderately difficult

Inspired by the ensemble "Arte Izquierda" in Wuppertal, André Herteux composed his Fantasie in 2009. The overall rather lyrical tone language combines elements of romanticism and moderate modernity with stylistic means of film and popular music.

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