Freu dich, Sion – edited by Manfred Harras
Mood Advent and Christmas songs for four instruments (recorders, violas da gamba and other melody instruments)
Based on his vast experience in dealing with ambitious amateur ensembles, Manfred Harras arranged this collection of atmospheric Advent and Christmas carols proven settings. They are suitable for recorder ensembles comprising soprano, alto, tenor and bass instruments or for viola da gamba ensembles, but are also perfectly feasible for mixed ensembles with other melody instruments. Due to the inclusion of the lyrics, a mixed instrumental and vocal ensemble is also conceivable.
Level of difficulty: easy to medium
Bolivianisches Requiem – Misterium del socavón by Juan Arnez
"There is no big orchestra required to interpret this work of music. Originally, it was conceived for seven musicians, five soloists and a choir of seven voices. The ideal cast consists of two wind instruments, two percussion instruments, one guitar, one charango, one accordion, one violin and one bass. Alternatively, an interpretation with one accordion, one percussion instrument and one bass or a cappella is possible. The choir is put together of two sopranos, one alto, one tenor, one baritone and a choir of seven voices. For the improvisations it is useful for the musicians to listen to the recording of Los Kusis." (Juan Arnez)
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Fünf Skizzen
Manfred Flachskampf
Fünf Skizzen
for two mandolas (mandolins)
PAN Grenzland Edition
Pan KM 2140 score
Preis 6,00 €

level of difficulty: medium Mit den "Fünf Skizzen" zollt Manfred Flachskampf der Mandola seine Wertschätzung. Selbstverständlich klingen die Skizzen aber auch mit zwei Mandolinen und sind sowohl als Vortragsstück wie auch als Unterrichtsmaterial geeignet.

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