Prinzenhaus-Pastiche by Franz Michael Deimling
This work was inspired by the Princes’ House (Prinzenhaus) in Plön built in 1750. In the building’s two-storey ballroom, the Garden Hall, there is a richly stuccoed musicians’ balcony with period instruments. Sheet music is depicted on four of the nine panels on the balcony parapet. Many of the notes are unrecognisable, but one or two motifs can be made out clearly. These motifs are quoted in the four-movement “Prinzenhaus-Pastiche” for two recorders, timpani, guitar and strings.
Sieben Gute-Laune-Duos by Martin Bärenz
src="https://pan-verlag.com/images/news/159_2_t1.jpg" alt="" border="0" /> These good mood duos are easily understandable and entertaining in the best sense of the word. They are moderately difficult to play and constitute a valuable addition to the flute-teaching repertoire for advanced musicians. They deepen the understanding of rhythmic intricacies and special harmonic features. Both parts are designed to be equally ambitious in technical and musical terms – the main focus being the musical dialogue and the joy of playing. These duos are therefore particularly well suited for competitions.
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Variationen über das Lied „A vous dirai-je Maman“
Pietro Denis (1720–1790)
Variations about the song „A vous dirai-je Maman“
für zwei Mandolinen
bearb. von Marga Wilden-Hüsgen
Grenzland Edition
PAN KM 2044 Partitur
Preis 6,00 €

The song „A vous dirai-je Maman“ was very popular during the lifetime of Pietro Denis. Marga Wilden-Hüsgen took over the original tempo indications in her arrangement. The second voice was simplified in some places to allow an equal playing of the musicians.

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