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Ein Männlein steht im Walde. Variationen über das Volkslied by Ingo Fankhauser
As an instructor for teachers and as a leader of advanced training courses, Ingo Fankhauser has made a significant contribution to the fact that the recorder has become a popular instrument in introducing children to the world of music. Ingo Fankhauser was a musician out of love for music. Because he dealt with the art, which is called "the classical", so expertly and confidently, he was able to gain other sides of the music: It can be cheerful and amusing for the players as well as for the listeners. His arrangements live out of their own inspiration. They are artistic endeavors that require a high level of familiarity with the instrument, as well as extensive musical and formal training, a clear overview and a sense of the effect of sound, melody and rhythm.
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Die Kraft des Lebens.
Michael Hoffmann
Die Kraft des Lebens (The power of life)

for voice and guitar
PAN 409
Price 12,00 €
Level of difficulty: easy
The song book "The Power of Life" contains 30 one- and two-part songs by Michael Hoffmann to sing along to. He composed them to texts by Ursa Paul. Formally, these are mantras.

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